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04/27/2018 - 8th Grade Spanish Luncheon

One of the most beloved 8th grade traditions is a springtime luncheon at Tacos El Norte in Libertyville. This month the students had the opportunity to use their Spanish in a real live way while enjoying a meal together.  Senora Barrera commented on the event, “It was such a joy for me to see the students communicating to each other in Spanish. They shared memories and stories about past experiences at East Lake, in Span..

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04/27/2018 - Tips to Pack your Pre-K Child’s Lunch

New school uniforms, backpacks, friends, teachers and classrooms can make starting Pre-School an exciting time for most children. Although you may have ensured that your child has all of the books, stationery and other items they need to ensure a successful school day, you may still be concerned about providing them with the best possible lunch options as well. Below are some tips for packing a nutritious and appealing lunchbox for your Pre-School child.

Plan Ahead

To avoid the ..

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04/26/2018 - Why Parents Love East Lake Academy

Although several children are able to thrive in a public schooling environment, many others simply cannot cope in settings where there are extremely high teacher to student ratios. This has resulted in a large number of parents choosing to place their Pre-K children into smaller private schools such as East Lake Academy.

Obtain Top Quality Education

While many public schools can provide a great education, little else is able to match the quality of learning that is provided by s..

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