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04/30/2018 - Special Visit to Marytown


Special Visit to Marytown

2nd Grade had their annual retreat at Marytown. This is a beloved tradition that prepares the children well for the Sacrament of Holy Communion, which many students will be receiving in April and May for the first time. This retreat reinforces all they have learned about the parts of the Mass and how to actively participate fully, in a hands-on, outside of the classroom way.  Mrs. Calk, Father Joshua, our Missionary Maria along with ..

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04/30/2018 - Start Planning Summer Learning

Extensive research has revealed that Pre-K and Pre-School children can lose up to 22% of what they have learned during the year over the summer vacation period, especially if they are not continually stimulated during this time. As a result, it is strongly recommended that you start planning now to ensure that your child continues learning as much as possible during the longest vacation of the year – while still having fun too, of course.

Encourage your Child to Read Daily


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04/27/2018 - Red Riot 2 and Girl’s Basketball

RED RIOT 2 - Celebrating 8th Grade Girl's Basketball and Parents

The 7th grade class was successful in providing another fun filled Red Riot event for the Girl's basketball team. They provided food, flowers, halftime games, fun and A LOT of gratitude. The girls team also defeated St. Joseph that night.  Go Seraphim!

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