01/24/2017 - Raupp Museum


East Lake Academy’s sixth through eighth grade students enjoyed a field trip to the Raupp Museum, which is located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.  They were accompanied by helpful parent chaperones Mrs. Kiernan, Mr. Kowalski, Mrs. Morgado, and Mrs. Samra.  Teachers Senora Gonzalez, Miss Plys and Mr. Stack were also on hand.   We very much enjoyed walking through history by visiting the Raupp Museum and participating in worthwhile hands on educational programs highlighting Archa..

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01/24/2017 - It’s Mathematical!

The Math Club had a guest speaker on December 21st. The speaker was Kevin McNeely. Kevin is a sophomore at Northern Illinois University. He is majoring in Math and is a member of the NIU Math Club. Kevin talked about what they do in a Math Club in college. He also talked about the general fields of occupation that require Math and held a Q&A session afterwards. Kevin did a great job and got positive reviews from the Club.
The Geometry class just finished covering Geometry concepts as..

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01/24/2017 - All I have learned, I learned from books…….

When a good book is involved, it is easy to have a blast, and Language Arts is full of great ones! Right before break, our 6th grade class had the opportunity to share presentations about a character from a novel they had just finished, Caddie Woodlawn. These characterization presentations gave our 6th graders a chance to step in the shoes of another, and to connect on a deeper level with a character from the story. The class reveled in the challenge, and brought to light many characters that..

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