News From the Principal

02/04/2016 - News From the Principal

New this year in the middle school, we have instituted a Supervised Homework Period at the end of the school day from 2:25-2:55 pm.  During this period, students have the opportunity to start their homework assignments.  The middle school teachers are available to answer student questions at this time, as well as provide any needed help.  The middle school students are eager to get started on their assignments each day and use the time quite efficiently.  Parents have reacted very positively to this addition into the middle school schedule.  Having a chance to speak with your teachers and get help directly from those teachers when necessary has affected student teacher relationships as well as home life for families in a positive way.  In order to create this extra period, our school day was slightly extended.  Additionally, a few minutes were borrowed from each period of the day.  Overall, this new period of the day has been greatly appreciated by middle school students, families and teachers.  We are pleased that this change has produced such effective results. 

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