Vice Principal Update

05/19/2016 - Vice Principal Update

Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade took the Stanford Achievement test in March of this year. We are proud to say that the East Lake students have averaged in the top 10% nationwide.
The teachers, administration and staff take the time to get to know each child through our daily interactions with them. By getting to know them and learning how they best receive and share information, is key in motivating them. Once motivated, we provide them with the tools they need to apply the lessons learned in the classroom. When we invest our time and energy in getting to know our students, it leads to an environment that fosters growth, and a sense of security and love. When the students are valued, empowered, and encouraged, they thrive and are willing to do more than what they even expect from themselves. Teachers are encouraged by the administration to be masters of their curriculum, managers of their classrooms, collaborators with the parents, and advocates for the children. As administration, our goal is to make sure that the teachers stay on track, in timing and content. Just like the teachers are to their students, we take the time to get to know our teachers. We take the time to know how we can best support them. There’s a team that works behind each child and a genuine partnership that exists between colleagues. Our mutual respect for each other and the consistent collaboration leads to a student body who does well all around – socially, behaviorally, and in the case of our Stanford testing results, academically.

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