Vice Principal Update

02/04/2016 - Vice Principal Update

At East Lake Academy, the lessons we teach and the formation we provide are intentional, methodical and purposeful.   Developing and encouraging good writers is no exception.  To begin the process, the Preschool age 3 students are exposed to letter formation and recognition.  By the end of Preschool age 4, the students are able to write a sentence with the basic consonant-vowel-consonant combination.  Graphic organizers and the idea of outlines are presented to the Kindergartners and practiced in First and Second Grade.  Parents will notice the methodical, step-by-step instruction,  that their children are given to prepare them for writing through Fifth Grade.  By the time they enter Middle School, students are familiar with using editing tools, using rubrics, and meeting criteria for a well thought out final writing composition.  The goal in the earlier grades, in addition to giving them the skills and tools they’ll need to write well in the future, is to give them the confidence they need to tackle what could be an intimidating and overwhelming task.  With the proper practice, reinforcement, and instruction in this area, by the end of Fifth Grade, students are ready to overcome the challenges of writing, from book reports to research papers to personal narratives.   The skill is also carried over to all subjects, as the students are taught and encouraged to write in complete sentences and provide detailed and well organized essay responses.   With all the preparation they receive at such an early age, it makes writing natural, easier, and efficient way of communicating their thoughts on paper.  With this skill, combined with other valuable life lessons they receive in and out of the classroom, they’ll be ready to meet other successes in the future with confidence, intent, and purpose.  

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