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Catholic Schools Week

01/27/2020 - Catholic Schools Week

ELA student, Rebecca, spoke to her whole parish community at St. Patrick’s Church, Lake Forest,  last Sunday after the 8:00 and 10:00 Masses about the value of Catholic education. We thank Rebecca for sharing her gratitude.  

“My name is Rebecca. I am a second grade student at East Lake Academy, a private Catholic school in Lake Forest. This week, we celebrate all Catholic schools and the gift of Catholic education. I am so happy to be going to a Catholic school where I can learn more about God and our Catholic faith. I learn in class how being Catholic is a blessing and an awesome responsibility, even for a seven year old like me. I am part of the future of our beautiful Church. My Catholic education is preparing me for the future. My Catholic education challenges me in the classroom, it teaches me confidence wrapped in humility.  It helps me to be responsible. My Catholic education also helps me to realize the beauty in our faith and in the sacraments.  I’m VERY excited for my First Confession in February and for my First Communion in April. Catholic education reminds me that Jesus is with me all day long! 

God bless us all.”


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