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02/04/2019 - Top 5 Elementary School Teaching and Learning Trends to Look for in 2019

Elementary school once focused on the three basic areas of study – the classic reading, writing, and arithmetic. These days, though, as the real world puts more focus on science, the arts, and the skills involved in thinking critically, the need to improve elementary school students’ exposure to these subjects and skills grows. Below are five elementary school teaching and learning trends in 2019 that are designed to prepare children for success in adulthood.

#1 – More Challengin..

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01/09/2019 - How to Get the Most Out of Snow Days This Winter

No matter how amazing your child’s teacher, and no matter how many friends he or she has at school, there’s a good chance that your child looks forward to snow days. An unexpected day off school can certainly put a damper on your plans, but with the following tips and tricks, it doesn’t have to. Read More

12/18/2018 - Modern-Day Preschool Teaching Methods

Believe it or not, preschool teaching methods are not that different from the methods used to teach older kids. They are simply modified to make them more engaging and designed to be on a younger child’s level. Below, you’ll learn about three new methods of learning that you’ll find being used in preschools across the country and how they apply to ev..

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