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11/07/2018 - ELA Graduate on Teen Jeopardy!

ELA 2018 Graduate, Isabella Pagano competes on Teen Jeopardy. 

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10/23/2018 - Preschool Curriculum – What Should a Parent be Looking For?

With each passing year, the importance of early childhood education becomes increasingly evident. Studies have indeed shown that exposure to early learning can help children grow academically later in life – but there should be much more to preschool class-time than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking for in a quality preschool curriculum for your little one.


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10/09/2018 - Songs Perfect to Learn in the Pre-K Classroom

Children who develop a love and appreciation of music earlier in life may go on to do better academically according to several unique studies released over the last few years. What’s more, children in pre-K love singing fun songs, and the experience of memorizing the words, and singing them in tune, is an excellent lesson in camaraderie. Here are some songs that are perfect for singing in the pre-K classroom –  and at home.

Best Songs for Movement

Getting kids moving is..

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