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Forming Christian Leaders

  • Academic

    Students are encouraged to think critically, develop a healthy curiosity about the world around them, and to express themselves clearly. Core subjects are complemented by an array of academics, fine arts, and athletic programs.

  • Character

    Every aspect of school life is an opportunity to develop character. Teachers and staff foster development of character through respect for self, faculty, and volunteers. Students are expected to be punctual, fulfill all assignments, participate in teamwork, and to maintain order and an attitude of helpfulness.

  • Faith

    East Lake Academy teaches the faith both as an academic subject and as a guide for life. True faith formation leads to harmony between knowledge and life. Students participate in weekly mass and in monthly virtue campaigns.

  • Apostolic

    Service to others at East Lake Academy is adapted to the student’s age and embraces a range of projects for individual and group outreach and service, both in the local community and beyond.

Our Mission

The mission of East Lake Academy is to provide our students with a complete formation of both the body and soul to fully develop them as Christian leaders.

To Teach

To teach means to provide the student with the intellectual capabilities, content and skills needed to respond to the demands of today’s society.

To Educate

To educate means to train the student in the habit of intellectual rigor, structured reasoning, and in the appreciation of beauty; it means to cultivate sensitivity, memory, imagination; and finally, to develop the art of communication and the ability to express oneself clearly and elegantly.

To Form

To form is to foster in each student the foundation of all virtue and integrity, leading the student to become a person for others, with an upright ethical code and sensitivity toward the needs of others.

Ela Family

  • Daddy Daughter Dance
  • Father Son Campout
  • Faith and Family Nights
  • Family 5 K
  • Mission Trips
  • Volunteers
  • Christmas Pageant
  • Spanish Heritage & Language Arts Nights
  • May Crowning
  • Grandparents Day
  • 100% Participations

Alumni News

ELA Gala Video 2016


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Tara McDermott ELA Class of 2012

My name is Tara McDermott and I graduated from East Lake with the class of 2012. I am in my final weeks at The Willows Academy and am very excited to be attending The Catholic University of Ameri..

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Seraphim Summer

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With the end of each school year, students and staff look forward to the start of Seraphim Summer! The program, which is organized and staffed by East Lake Academy teachers, provides the same nurturing environment your Preschool – Eighth grade child experiences throughout the school year. Teachers develop engaging activities to interest students including arts and crafts, cooking, games, swimming and stimulating field trips.

  • 10 Week Program
  • Before – and Extended Daycare
  • 6 Weeks of Enrichment
  • Field Trips
  • Beach Days
  • Apostolic Projects
  • East Lake Faculty Team

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