Middle School

How many can say they had a positive middle school experience? At East Lake Academy, our goal is to make the middle school years fun, memorable, and enriching.  These transitional years are a time when a rigorous, yet formative and nurturing environment is crucial for the healthy development of your child.  As a private, Catholic middle school, small class sizes and individual attention help lay the ground work for a well-rounded education. 

It is also during the crucial middle school years that Christian values and habits that form the foundation of your child’s adult character begin to take shape.  We partner with our parents to help in this formation for character.  Our middle school team helps cultivate the skills needed for high school in an atmosphere that supports, teaches, and demands individual responsibility, critical thinking, and internalized discipline. 

As a private Catholic school, we provide a balanced and academically challenging curriculum, as well as a formative Christ-centered environment that focuses on the whole child, preparing each student for a demanding high school program.

Schedule a visit to witness the focus of our four pillars in action to form tomorrow’s Christian leaders: Academic, Character, Faith and Apostolic Formation. You will learn more about our program including: language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, religion, Spanish, gym, art, technology, debate, leadership, study skills and more. The East Lake classically-based model of curriculum provides our students the opportunity to learn real history, read great works of literature, study Latin and Greek roots and stems, engage in Socratic based interactive discussions, and develop critical thinking skills that are essential to success in high school and beyond.

Why choose East Lake Academy for your Middle Schooler?

  1. Small class sizes by design, where every student has the opportunity to learn and succeed (no more than 19 students per class with a 6:1 student/teacher ratio).
  2. Exceptional teachers who know and understand the middle school child in this important stage in life.
  3. High school preparatory curriculum that is classically based, providing each student with the needed skills to be successful during the high school years and beyond.
  4. Opportunities to participate simultaneously in multiple clubs and sports.

Middle School Parent Testimonials

“Before our children started at East Lake Academy, we felt lost. Our children were spending seven plus hours a day, five days a week, in an environment that rewarded academic mediocrity and embraced cultural trends that ran counter to our Catholic values.   Upon driving up to the school for our tour with, we felt apprehension. Upon leaving we felt only conviction that this was where our boys would flourish.  The teachers were passionate about teaching, making it clear this was not a job, rather a vocation.  The students were happy, hardworking and respectful, both in presentation and through their actions.  The administrators were passionate about staying true to their mission; supportive of all teachers and students.  East Lake Academy embodied our vision for our boys’ education.”

“East Lake had a lot to offer us.  We are catholic so it was an environment that could surround our daughter with the practice of our faith and the values we teach at home.   The class sizes and attention the children receive is so much more than we could find anywhere else.  As a military family, having lived in 6 states, 2 different countries, and attending 6 different schools, our daughter had become nothing more than another face in a school hallway and I wanted more for her. At East Lake she is valued, loved and receives the attention she deserves.  She was ideally prepared for the rigor and demands of high school.”

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