Spiritual Growth

East Lake Academy offers a Christ-centered spirituality focused on the practice of authentic charity as the essence of Christianity. Children and students are taught moral values to live their faith enthusiastically, and that it be integrated into every facet of life. They are taught that faith is above all to follow Jesus Christ, to model their behavior after him through the practice of virtue and to bring his message to others with the witness of their lives. This living, active and enthusiastic faith is integrated into every facet of school life.

At East Lake Academy we see the parent as the primary educator.  With the support of our parents we endeavor to educate the whole student in the areas of spiritual and moral development, as well as academically and socially. Central to this spirituality is daily instruction in the Catholic faith. Sacramental and spiritual opportunities include mass each week along with monthly smaller class masses and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  

Along with education, our students are also offered additional opportunities for spiritual growth which include but not limited to;

  • Knights of the Altar
  • Retreats
  • Formation Dialogue
  • Virtue Campaigns
  • Apostolic Projects

East Lake Academy families attend many parishes across Lake County and beyond.