At East Lake Academy, we believe that athletics plays a very important role in striving to form our student athletes into tomorrow’s Catholic leaders. Our school motto “semper altius”, meaning always higher, challenges the student athletes to be their best for the team and for Christ.  Seraphim in traditional Christian angelology is an angelic being belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity with a fiery passion for doing God’s work.  We are the Seraphim!

Our mission for athletics is to provide a positive environment for our student athletes, which promotes Christian values, and sportsmanship. In addition, our coaches and parent volunteers cultivate an atmosphere of self-confidence, leadership, commitment and perseverance, so student athletes may reach their full potential. Our philosophy is a healthy approach toward sports and physical conditioning for a positive experience leading to a love of sports and a well-rounded life style. East Lake Academy offers a variety of sports activities throughout the school year

East Lake Academy participates in the Northeast Illinois Catholic Conference.

Cross Country

4th – 8th Grades
Co-ed Team
The season runs September – October with weekly practices and meets.


4th – 8th Grades
Boys and Girls Teams
The season runs October – February with weekly practices and games.

Track & Field

4th – 8th Grades
Co-ed Team
The season runs April – May with weekly practices and meets.

Intramural Soccer

4th – 8th Grades
after school
The season runs August – October with weekly practices and games.