Lower School

The elementary years are a time of growth and development for your child during which many lifelong habits, attitudes, and character attributes are established.  This is why sending your child to the best private school is so important. 

Whatever the subject or activity, nurturing a positive self-concept and cultivating a love for learning are crucial to the success of students during these formative years. This is why, at East Lake Academy, the best private Catholic school in Lake County, we will pay special attention to the unique talents, temperament and circumstances of your son or daughter.  Small class sizes by design, a family atmosphere, and a private Christian school environment that teaches morals and values, will allow your child to receive a genuine education according to his or her strengths and needs.

In all subject areas, East Lake Academy proclaims that truth is the foundation of knowledge and learning.  Our Catholic school curriculum is virtue-based, balanced across all four pillars, academically challenging, and will thoroughly prepare your child for any demanding middle school program.

Schedule a visit to witness the focus of our four pillars in action to form tomorrow’s Christian leaders: Academic, Character, Faith and Apostolic Formation. You will learn more about our program including: language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, religion, Spanish, gym, art, and technology.

Why East Lake Academy for your elementary school-aged child?

  • Small classes by design allows for personal attention (no more than 19 students per class with a 6:1 student/teacher ratio).
  • Exceptional teachers who take an interest in the individual development of your child’s gifts and strengths.
  • High academic standards that enrich your child’s learning experience, while maintaining a developmentally appropriate atmosphere.
  • Nurturing environment, ensuring each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.
  • Fully integrated STEM program.
  • And much more! Schedule a private tour and come see what East Lake Academy has to offer your family.

Lower School Parent Testimonials

“We chose East Lake primarily for its solid Catholic formation. Especially in today’s world, it’s so reassuring to know East Lake is helping us protect the innocence of our young children while also providing them with a strong foundation in their faith. We also love the accelerated academic achievements of the school. We are so confident in the well-rounded formation our children receive at East Lake Academy!” 

“Our family chose East Lake Academy, first, because we wanted our family, our children as well as ourselves, to be part of a school and community for which the Catholic faith was the very heart and foundation of everything, and where we knew our children would experience the full and timeless truth and beauty of that faith without compromise with the spirit of the age and culture in which we live. Secondly, we wanted our children to experience the benefits of East Lake’s classically-based model of education, one in which they would learn real history, read the great works of literature and be taught to think critically and to view the world and their own choices with a broad and well-rounded understanding of the world and through an unapologetically Catholic lens. We are so grateful to be a part of the East Lake family.”

Call 847-247-0035 x204 for tuition information, to ask additional questions or to schedule a tour.