Pre-K 3 and 4

Why Choose East Lake Academy for your 3 and 4 year old? 

If you are seeking an extraordinary Pre-K program in Lake County, look no further! East Lake Academy Pre-K offers a high achieving kindergarten readiness program that is filled with fun activities where our youngest students thrive in a loving environment that is academically engaging. We use all modalities of learning: kinesthetic (moving), visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), and tactile (touching) to develop intrinsic learning and fine motor skills.

Because we recognize that each child is a gift from God, we strive to instill virtues and academic and character formation in an age appropriate way to provide a strong foundation for Christian leadership skills to grow.

We Offer: 

A safe learning environment in which your child will be known and loved.

8:1 student/teacher ratio, with a teacher and aide in each classroom, that allows personal attention for each child.

A strong academic curriculum in the fundamentals including:

  • Catholic Faith – Faith in God, love of Jesus, Old and New Testament Bible stories, Pre-K mass, Holy Hour, chapel visits, introduction to service and virtue formation.
  • Language arts – letter recognition/phonics, beginning reading skills, speaking/listening skills, handwriting, sentence structure.
  • Math – number recognition/concepts, shapes, counting concepts, beginning addition/subtraction, time, money, calendar concepts.
  • Science – space, earth science/plants, water, life science/animals, human body, concepts of the scientific process.
  • Social studies – historical figures, patriotic themes, geography.
  • Spanish – colors, numbers, language basics through the communicative approach.
  • Specials – Gym, Music and Art weekly.


Pre-K Program Details


  • Pre-K 3 and 4 day – 8:00-11:30 A.M.
  • Pre-K 3 options – 3 and 5 morning per week programs available
  • Pre-K 4 – 5 morning per week program
  • Optional Pre-K Plus – an extended day program until 3:00 P.M.
  • Optional Before and Aftercare available


Pre-K Parent Testimonials 

“We chose to send our daughter to East Lake Academy because we know she’ll get a great education and be immersed in a culture that lives the Gospel. East Lake is truly a family of faith and academia.”

“We appreciate ELA’s academic rigor and excellence; in choosing a school for our children, this aspect was a given.  For us, ELA (including its leadership, staff and other parents) stood out above the rest because here, faith and character formation are prioritized.  First and foremost, we strive to raise good and kind human beings of faith, and so we chose ELA knowing the school would emphasize and reinforce our family’s values.”


Call 847-247-0035 x204 for tuition information, to ask additional questions or to schedule a tour.