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East Lake Academy is a private, Roman Catholic school of academic excellence located in Lake Forest, IL.
Learn how we develop each student to reach their full potential.




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  • Our family chose East Lake Academy, first, because we wanted our family, our children as well as ourselves, to be part of a school and community for which the Catholic faith was the very heart and foundation of everything, and where we knew our children would experience the full and timeless truth and beauty of that faith without compromise with the spirit of the age and culture in which we live.

  • Before our children started at East Lake Academy, we felt lost. Our children were spending seven plus hours a day, five days a week, in an environment that rewarded academic mediocrity and embraced cultural trends that ran counter to our Catholic values. Upon driving up to the school … we felt apprehension. Upon leaving we felt only conviction that this was where our boys would flourish. The teachers were passionate about teaching, making it clear this was not a job, rather a vocation. The students were happy, hardworking and respectful, both in presentation and through their actions.

  • We chose East Lake Academy for its authentic faith based learning and academic excellence. We love that our family has found a blossoming tight knit Catholic community at East Lake! We are so blessed and comforted that our children are receiving the best education in the area!

  • We chose East Lake for the love, compassion, humility and focus on education that the school teaches to the young minds of tomorrow’s future.

  • We chose East Lake primarily for its solid Catholic formation. Especially in today’s world, it’s so reassuring to know East Lake is helping us protect the innocence of our young children while also providing them with a strong foundation in their faith. We also love the accelerated academic achievements of the school. We are so confident in the well-rounded formation our children receive at East Lake Academy!