Education Philosophy

Developing the Whole Person with Integral Formation

Integral Formation is the method East Lake Academy uses to develop the whole person.  We recognize Integral Formation as four pillars; Academic, Character, Faith and Apostolic.  By thoroughly cultivating each of these areas in the human person, this Integral Formation moves its students toward the realization of their greatest individual potential.  In short, Integral Formation is the key to preparing your child to become a mature, confident leader prepared for high school and eventually to build a successful career, marriage, family and community.

Academic Pillar

The curriculum is designed to challenge the students daily. They are encouraged to think critically, develop a healthy curiosity about the world around them and to express themselves clearly. Core subjects, rooted in fundamentals and time-tested tools; Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion and Spanish, are complemented by an array of programs in the areas of Humanities, Technology, Fine Arts, Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities.

Character Pillar

Character is shown in fidelity to one’s principles and convictions. It implies self-control, perseverance, trustworthiness, a sense of duty, responsibility, and generosity. Every aspect of school life is an opportunity to develop character. Character is developed internally through the practice and growth of virtue with respect for teachers and others, punctuality, fulfillment of assignments, teamwork, order, cleanliness and helpfulness.  External character is developed through the practice of social graces such as good manners, courtesy and personal presentation.  Our goal through the Character Pillar is to form men and women who lead with self-confidence wrapped in humility.

Faith Pillar

Students are taught the Catholic faith both as an academic subject and a guide for life. Key to Christian living is the awareness of Christ’s unconditional love for each person and his commission to make this love known to all people. True faith formation leads to harmony between knowledge and life.  

Apostolic Pillar

We define ourselves by what we give to others. The Christian is urged by Christ to help his neighbor and give freely of the gifts he has received. Apostolic formation in East Lake Academy is adapted to the student’s age and embraces a range of projects for individual and group outreach and service, both in the local community and beyond.