12/19/2015 - Preschool 3&4 Spanish Class

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12/19/2015 - Kindergarten News

The Kindergartners are reading! They have been enjoying their Little Angel Readers; a text that fosters not only a love for literature, but builds upon the basics of literacy to create comprehensive readers. They are not only reading as a class, and independently, but they are also working towards building their stamina each day. They are filled with excitement as they encourage one another during “read with your partner” time. They not only listen to what their partner is reading, but ar..

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12/19/2015 - 6th-8th Grade History & Religion

Eighth-grade students have been studying the nature and history of the Church, along with the universal call to holiness of all of Holy Mother Church’s members. On Friday, October 30th, celebrating All Saints’ Day at East Lake Academy, eighth graders will name their Confirmation Saint or a Saint they find particularly interesting. Allen selects St. Lawrence of Rome; Anthony chooses St. Anthony of Padua; Colin is inspired by St. Thomas the Apostle; Drew picks St. Christopher; Grace opts fo..

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