11/23/2015 - Fr. Michael Moriarity

Chapel 2015


Thy Kingdom Come!
It has been a joy to celebrate our Friday "Class Mass" for the children these last two months. Our chapel with its new stain glass windows is a place where you immediately feel drawn to prayer..

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11/03/2015 - 6th-8th Grade Science

An incredibly important part of learning Science is seeing examples of a phenomenon- through models, diagrams, videos, online applets, and having “hands-on” lab experiences. At the middle school level in particular, the goal is to challenge the students to use their critical thinking skills. They are challenged to apply the concepts that they learn in class to the lab activities.

In sixth grade, students have been learning about waves and sound so far this year. For one lab, they ex..

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11/03/2015 - 4th – 5th Grade

This October, the 4th and 5th grade classes had an exciting field trip to Challenger Learning Center in Wadsworth. After exploring the Solar System in their Star Lab, students participated in a simulated space mission. Students were required to perform hands-on science experiments and team building activities in order to conclude their mission successfully. Everyone had the opportunity to participate on one of eight teams including Communication, Data, Navigation, Medical, Remote, Life Suppor..

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