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12/08/2015 - Physical Education

Middle School
It's basketball time at East Lake Academy, and as we prepare for our upcoming basketball season, middle school students will be participating in a basketball unit for the next three weeks. The primary focus of this program is to help students refine their basic skills including: dribbling, passing and shooting, practicing taking free throws and lay-ups to the hoop, and improving offensive and defensive techniques. In addition students will participate in dr..

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12/08/2015 - Zella Stockhausen ELA Class of 2015

Hi, my name is Zella Stockhausen and I’m a freshman at Carmel Catholic High School. I am currently in all honors classes at Carmel. My favorite subject at East Lake was Math and still is at Carmel. One of my favorite things that East Lake has and unfortunately Carmel does not is the two week calendar in middle-school. The two week calendar had all my tests and quizzes for the next two weeks laid out verses now where I have to keep track of them myself.

At Carmel, I also run cross coun..

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12/08/2015 - Art: Preschool-8th Grade

Art 1st Trimester 2

Please take a look at ART in the middle school! This month, The sixth grade class is currently learning about the artist M.C. Escher. M.C. Escher was a graphic artist well-known for his mathematically ins..

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