01/24/2017 - Ancient China

The fifth graders were busy learning about Ancient China this month. They studied about The Great Wall of China, emperors, the economy and government. To end our unit, frequent East Lake Academy visitors, Val Maxwell and Manny Flores, shared photos with the class from their trip to China. They also helped the students make paper Chinese lanterns, and taught the students how to eat with chop sticks while feasting on sticky rice. It was a great way to wrap up our unit.

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01/24/2017 - Daily Works of Mercy

Inspired by the Church’s Jubilee Year of Mercy, the fourth grade class at East Lake Academy has been completing daily works of mercy.  Every month, the students focus on a different work of mercy.  For example, in September, our focus was on forgiving offenses.  Other months have included baring wrongs patiently, praying for the living and the dead, clothing the naked, and sheltering the homeless.  The fourth graders keep track of their works of mercy by sharing what they have done with..

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01/24/2017 - Up To The Challenge

Our Third Grade’s first half of the year was highlighted by their enthusiastic, Egyptian interpretation at the Christmas Pageant. Not only did they know their parts, but their personalities shown through and they were all stars of the show. In Writing Composition, we learned the correct form for writing a letter. Before Christmas Break, each student chose someone whose day could be made better by getting a letter in the mail. Christmas was extra special for grandparents, family members, and..

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