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05/17/2017 - STEM Field Trip – Challenger

4th and 5th grades spent the day in STEM activities at the Challenger Learning Center, an East Lake Field Trip favorite. Applying knowledge from the classroom into real world simulation, is a vital part of learning. Yesterday, the students rendezvoused with a new long period comet that they named after themselves Comet BB-24! The mission was a complete success as students performed hands-on Science experiments and team building activities in order to conclude their mission Read More

01/24/2017 - Coming Soon: Spanish Heritage Night

Spanish Heritage Night is a time honored tradition at East Lake Academy.  Every year during Catholic Schools Week, the 4th -8th grade Spanish classes take time to demonstrate their language skills.  This year will be just as entertaining as years past.  The 8th grade has a fun and entertaining skit planned and their finale will send them off to high school with many memories.  The 7th grade has some tricks up their sleeves which will make everyone laugh.  Sixth grade decided to put a fre..

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01/24/2017 - PreK News

Preschool students are developing important math concepts which will lead to future success in math. The Saxon math program, which continues through grade six at East Lake, is the base for this instruction. The age appropriate concepts are taught in small pieces and build gradually. Constant review ensures that concepts become second nature to students.

In Pre K 3, students are first exposed to ideas like patterns, sorting, counting, and number recognition. In addition, children begin c..

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