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Our Seraphim summer program is divided into three categories, A, B and C classes. Here is the complete description of our fun & adventurous activities included in our summer camp program for kids.

Seraphim ” A ” Classes (Our Youngest Students)

Fit for Christ – Honor Jesus by learning how to take care of your body through exercise and proper nutrition.
Fun With Numbers – Have fun playing games while learning math.
To Infinity and Beyond – Explore the sun, planets, moon and stars.
Our Community Works – Policemen, firemen, and shopkeepers are some of the community members you will learn about.
Let’s Sing Dance and Move – Get inspired to sing and move in this fun class.
Dinosaurs – learn about prehistoric creatures while participating in these hands-on activities.

Seraphim Summer 8 2016.png

Seraphim “B” Classes

Creative Comics – Use Bible stories to create your own comic stip.
Under The Sea – Discover sea creatures both big and small.
Reptiles – What is a reptile? Find out about these cold-blooded vertebrate.
Our Daily Bread – Make bread and other tasty treats.
Poetry – Express yourself through a variety of verse.
Our Favorite Saints – Learn about and develop a connection to some of our favorite saints.


Seraphim “C” Classes

Red Cross Babysitting – Go through the Red Cross Babysitting class with an option of obtaining an official Red Cross certificate.
Sports – Have fun as we play a variety of sports and learn about great sports heroes.
Sewing – Practice techniques of both hand sewing and machine sewing.
Inventors – Learn about the people whose ingenuity has made our lives simpler.
Keyboarding – Practice your keyboarding skills and review how to use Microsoft Office programs.
Upcycling – Turn unwanted trash into a great treasure.


 Seraphim Summer Calendar 


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