Tomorrow’s Christian Leaders

The mission of East Lake Academy is to provide our students with a complete formation of both the body and soul to fully develop them as Christian leaders. The East Lake student should be a young person of integrity and character who commands an appropriate wealth of knowledge of his faith, the humanities, and the sciences. The student should display critical discernment and possess a disposition to service. We begin with an exceptional Pre-K program which develops the foundation for an accelerated program that ends with 8th grade graduation.

The faculty and staff of East Lake recognize the role of parents as the primary educators of their children, and we are pleased to share this responsibility.  We cherish the opportunity to help educate your son or daughter in a cooperative atmosphere of charity and unity.  This recognition is essential to the role we play in a vocational way To Teach, To Educate and To Form our students.

TO TEACH means to provide the student with the intellectual capabilities, content and skills needed to respond to the demands of today’s society.

TO EDUCATE means to train the student in the habit of intellectual rigor, structured reasoning, and in the appreciation of beauty; it means to cultivate sensitivity, memory, imagination; and finally, to develop the art of communication and the ability to express oneself clearly and elegantly. 

TO FORM is to foster in each student the foundation of all virtue and integrity, leading the student to become a person for others, with an upright ethical code and sensitivity toward the needs of others. East Lake Academy strives to build the complete person in its students – developing their full potential by teaching the mind, educating the heart and forming the will. We aim to serve society by promoting in our students academic excellence, spiritual growth and personal development, thereby creating future leaders for the Catholic Church and society as a whole.