Art: Preschool-8th Grade

Art 1st Trimester 2

Please take a look at ART in the middle school! This month, The sixth grade class is currently learning about the artist M.C. Escher. M.C. Escher was a graphic artist well-known for his mathematically inspired art designs called tessellations.  Tessellations are a series of repeating patterns or designs that interlock. The positive and negative space work together to create the images that the students draw. Each student has been challenged to use their imagination when coming up with their own tessellation design.

The seventh and eighth grade students are learning about various types of line drawings. Seventh grade is focusing particularly on how to create a contour, weighted, and expressive line drawing. Students learn that by adding elements of these lines into their work, they can create a better sense of depth and movement into their drawings. Eighth grade students are creating a drawing adding text as value to their compositions. Using Bible verses as their text, students are learning another way to relate a message of faith to the viewers of their artwork.

I invite all of you to come in the building and take a look at the artwork your children have created. There is so much talent we have here at East Lake!