Anna Wojcik ELA Class of 2014

I am an alumni from the East Lake class of 2014 and currently a sophomore at Carmel Catholic High School. I began the girls basketball clinic partly because it is a great opportunity for service hours, but mostly because I love being able to give back to East Lake and it’s athletic program.
My first experience with basketball was with ELA in the fourth grade and I am now playing for Carmel.
Players perform to their highest potential when they are skilled in the fundamentals of basketball, which is why the main focus of the clinic is basic ball-handling and shooting.
When I was a student at East Lake, a clinic like this one may have helped me realize my passion for the sport and prepared me more for the club and feeder teams I joined in middle school.
I am hoping that both Mrs. Davenport, who is generously giving her time to help me, and I have prepared the girls for the exciting season ahead of them!