Faith and Family Night

Our Parenting with Virtue group, focused on catholic parenting, will start out this year with the virtue of Charity. Fr. Michael Moriarty will lead a talk followed by a discussion.
October 16th
“Practicing the Virtue of Charity in Speaking Well of Others.” In this session we will discuss why it so easy to fall into gossip? I want to give a good Christian example to my children. How can I avoid the pitfalls as a parent? How can I elevate negative conversations about family members or about colleagues at work?
November 20th, December 11th, January 8th, February 19th, and April 8th.
“The Splendor of Love”. We’ll continue the year’s sessions drawing from the teachings of Saint John Paul II on marriage and family life. As a guide we’ll use Walter Schu’s book entitled “The Splendor of Love”.

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