Eleanore van Marwijk Kooy ELA Class of 2012

Personal statement: “A relatively new goal of mine, going forward, is to increase awareness about mentoring the very young. Much more emphasis needs to be put on dedicated volunteerism, as it is on sports and other activities, and having it become a part of ones life.”

Sponsor’s endorsement: “Not only have we watched her grow as a caring and resourceful human being but are grateful for the legacy of her work as a humanitarian. Eleanore has ambition for others less fortunate and the impact of her work is widely felt by students who work with her and those who benefit.”

Community service: Chess Without Borders youth leader, fundraiser, tournament coordinator, coach; Mission Youth member; leads activity classes for disabled children; serves Thanksgiving meals to poor families; volunteers at House of Hope resale shop

Woodlands Academy Class of 2016
2015-2016 Lake County Leadership Team
Sponsor: Kiran Frey, Chess Without Borders