2nd Grade News

Second Grade has had a wonderful second trimester! We have really delved into our curriculum and many new concepts have been introduced, particularly in math. Our class has been learning about how to find fractions within sets and groups. More recently, we had some lessons on how to find fractions within a hexagon! Using triangles, rhomboid, and trapezoids, our class was able to identify the different fractions those shapes represent and how they are related to different ways to write fractions. One student remarked: “This trapezoid is equal to 1/2 of the hexagon!” Another then joined in excitedly, saying: “And, three triangles are equal to one trapezoid!” Moving forward as a class, we were able to identify the three triangles as equal to 3/6, thereby concluding that 3/6 means the same thing as 1/2.  We are going to continue to explore the world of fractions in this third trimester and make more connections to the use of fractions in our everyday life, such as in measuring materials for cooking, dividing portions evenly, and converting between fractions and percents. So, challenge our second graders! Keep learning at home by allowing your child to help measure ingredients when cooking as a family, or ask your child to identify fractions of a whole in portion sizes. I guarantee you will have just as much fun with fractions at home as we have inside the classroom! Stay tuned for further fun in Second Grade in our final trimester!