6th-8th Grade Language Arts

On Friday, January 29th, East Lake Academy held its annual All-School Spelling Bee.  Classroom winners and runners-up from grades four through eight competed, and winners and runners-up from grades one through three were honored with VIP seating.
After well over an hour of competition, two spellers were left standing: 5th grader Isaiah Echavez and 6th grader Isabella Pagano.  After a prolonged battle that left the crowd breathless with anticipation — and most adults green with orthographic envy — Isabella prevailed and was named the All School Champion for 2016.  Both she and Isaiah will be honored at the Regional Spelling Bee on Wednesday, February 24th, at South Park School in Highland Park.  
Congratulations once again to all the winners and runners-up!
First Grade
Christina Quiroz
Caroline McDermott
Second Grade
Isabella Echavez
Noah Echavez
Third Grade
Haadiya Khan
Isaac Finlayson
Fourth Grade
Raluchi Obioha
Zach Gerber
Fifth Grade
Isaiah Echavez
Toby Ling
Sixth Grade
Isabella Pagano
Jane Calk
Seventh Grade
Kambi Obioha
Zoë Audu
Eighth Grade
Zach Young
Allen Mons