6th- 8th Grade Science

It is exciting to announce that East Lake has received a grant from the Westerman Foundation in order to develop our Science curriculum.  This organization provides financial support to several types of programs that promote virtue, including educational institutions with emphasis on Catholic Education.  We have been recipients of this generous grant for the past two years.  Last year, we used the grant monies awarded to us to purchase a portable sink and storage cabinets with drawers for the Middle School, among other things.  This year, we are currently submitting our order and plan to purchase equipment and teaching tools that all grades can make use of, such as a cutaway large model flower and some microscopes that are easy to use, yet still powerful.  Ultimately, we are working to create an updated science lab that the entire school can benefit from!  St. Albert the Great, patron of Scientists, pray for us!
“In June 2000, Laura “Jane” Westerman established The Westerman Foundation.  From humble beginnings in southern Louisiana, Jane realized the importance of education and the value of her Catholic faith.
​In 1952, Jane married Howard G. Westerman Sr.  together they raised their seven children, built a very successful business and developed a personal history and philosophy of philanthropy.  The center of their lives was always their strong Catholic faith.
 Following the death of Howard, Jane wanted to insure that support of those institutions close to her heart would continue. These include causes related to the Catholic Church and enriching the lives of the poor by making quality education available to them.  She created this foundation as the best method of on-going support of that goal.”