Preschool 3 & 4 News

East Lake Academy provides students with complete formation in body and soul and in order to execute this mission, we must form “virtue and integrity and lead our students…to become sensitive toward the needs of others.”  This formation begins with our youngest Seraphim in the Pre K program and is accomplished through the structured and unstructured social opportunities provided to them.
Socialization is an important part of a child’s development where they learn how to get along with other children, contribute in a community environment, share classroom toys and equipment, and solve conflicts in a productive manner.  The ELA Pre K program guides students to understand that each of us is created in God’s image and uses the writings of Pope John Paul II, along with Bible stories, to form the students in this belief.  With this awareness, and through positive interactions with one another, teachers are able to point out how to be an image of God to those around us, both in word and action.
Through joyful and meaningful play experiences, children learn about the world around them and how to navigate in constructive ways.  When Christ is at the center of everything we do – even in play, when we can begin to see Him in ourselves and in those around us, we learn how to put others’ needs before our own and shine the light of Christ into the world and even the youngest among us are capable of this mission!