3rd Grade News

The 3rd Grade is filled with brilliant inventors. When tasked to solve a problem they wasted no time coming up with solutions that would be wonderful to see in the near future. Benjamin Franklin has nothing on this class!

Connor Carreira invented the Water with Your Doggy, which is a self-refilling water bowl for your dog. Your dog will never be parched again!

Everett DeLeon invented Sprinkle and Sprout. It is an App that waters your plants while you’re gone. Your plants can thrive when you’re anywhere!

Gabriella DiCara invented the Handy Dandy, which will prevent drinks from spilling. It is a robot arm that holds your drink, and ejects it when needed. You never have to deal with pesky spills again!

Isaac Finlayson invented Rocket Shoes, which are shoes that make you fly. All you have to do is push a button, and boom – you fly! Just like Iron Man or Peter Pan, but for everyone.

Haadiya Khan invented a Solar Room, which helps you save big on your energy bill. There is a glass ceiling that the sun shines through during the day, and at night solar powered lights can be used. All of the light and energy comes from the sun.

Ava Legg invented Hair Wow, which is no ordinary brush. It gives you a hairdo and is completely painless! It turns your “Ow!” into “Wow!”

Kaila Ngantung invented Smart Shell, which is a machine in the shape of a shell that can feed your fish specific increments for extended periods of time. This product is perfect for people going on vacation or fish owners who sometimes forget to feed their fish.

In our tech savvy age where it seems as though all of the inventions have been conceived. These creative 3rd Graders found solutions to problems we see everyday. This was a perfect end to our unit on Frindle, which is a story about a boy who invented a new word that got so famous it was put in the dictionary. We sent letters to companies about our inventions, and in the future these inventions could be a reality.

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