First Grade News

Hooray for another successful Poetry Café! I am so proud of all my students who wrote and recited their original poems for their parents. They presented with poise and confidence five different kinds poems; a couplet (our only rhyming poem with four to six lines) a simplified haiku (a three line poem that talks about what is happening, where it happens, and when it happens) A cinquain (a five line poem that has one topic with four sentences with the last one relating back to the topic), a limerick ( a five line poem with a rhythmic pattern), and an acrostic (one topic with each word or phrase that begins with the letter of the topic word). Here are a few samples of the poems recited:
“There once was a person named Lune
He really plays a good tune
The birds went tweet tweet
They loved his beat
They cheered when they saw the moon.”
Big, Smooth
It is heavy
You can drop it
Thank you to all who came and spent the afternoon with us. Great job First Grade!