Virtus and Volunteers

All East Lake Academy Parent Volunteers and Coaches,

East lake Academy requires that all parent volunteers and coaches attend a Virtus training session.  Please visit to register for a training session near you.   You must stay for the entire session in order to obtain a certificate as required by the Archdiocese to volunteer or work with students at East Lake Academy.  As a volunteer you will also be required to complete a CANTS form and a Code of Conduct form. 

BEFORE arriving at the session please visit

  • Click on the “Protecting Children” yellow tab on the left side of the screen;
  • Click on the blue tabs (quick Links) located below the yellow tabs on the left side of the screen. Please register for the Virtus training session here and   print the CANTS and Code of Conduct forms. (you will need to return these completed forms to the ELA office)

Please note that you are required to complete your Virtus training before chaperoning on any student field trip or volunteering with our students.  ELA is also required to have record of your participation in this program on site.

Thank you for your time and dedication to our efforts to protect our children.