It’s Mathematical!

The Math Club had a guest speaker on December 21st. The speaker was Kevin McNeely. Kevin is a sophomore at Northern Illinois University. He is majoring in Math and is a member of the NIU Math Club. Kevin talked about what they do in a Math Club in college. He also talked about the general fields of occupation that require Math and held a Q&A session afterwards. Kevin did a great job and got positive reviews from the Club.
The Geometry class just finished covering Geometry concepts as they relate to three dimensions. In 7th Algebra we are beginning to learn how to graph linear equations. The 8th Algebra class is finishing a long and in-depth introduction into quadratic equations. The 6th grade Math class is delving into simple Geometry.
Our students finished in first, second and third places at the Regina Dominican Math Competition last December.
We are halfway through the Catholic Math League season. In Algebra we are currently ranked 11th among the 124 middle schools and high schools across the nation participating.
Later this month, we will begin preparing for the Carmel Catholic High School Math Competition on February 25th.