Physical Education

Middle School
At the start of the New Year the students were introduced to badminton. Students are learning the fundamental rules of badminton and how to develop their badminton serve by trying to get the shuttle over the net. The Badminton games include: King of the Court, Newcomb, Survivor, Two vs. Two, and Tournament play. Students will work together to improve their skills in game situations. Badminton includes teaching the fundamentals and working on team collaboration which will help students excel in the sport, grow in spirit, mind and body. Next week students are preparing for the school-wide Knockout basketball tournament against other grade levels and staff.

Lower School
This month preschoolers, kindergarteners and first grade students worked on building manipulatives skills which include: throwing, kicking, rolling, bouncing, catching and striking. Manipulatives skills are any gross motor skills that involve an object. Students were introduced to stations and worked on: knocking down pins, shooting at a basketball hoop, striking a ball at a net, throwing a Frisbee, catching a football, manipulating scooters, jumping rope, and throwing a ball in a bucket. Students were engaged in Tag games such as: Sharks & Minnows, Captain-Captain, and Hornet Tag. Students in grades two and three worked on badminton and Capture the Pins. They played a variety of games which included: King of the Court, Two on Two Badminton and Newcomb. Students are working on developmental skills, team building and sportsmanship.
“Sports do not build character they revel it.” – John Wooden