Why Parents Love East Lake Academy

Although several children are able to thrive in a public schooling environment, many others simply cannot cope in settings where there are extremely high teacher to student ratios. This has resulted in a large number of parents choosing to place their Pre-K children into smaller private schools such as East Lake Academy.

Obtain Top Quality Education

While many public schools can provide a great education, little else is able to match the quality of learning that is provided by small independent Catholic private schools. This is especially true with regards to students who may struggle to cope and concentrate in the larger classes often associated with public schools.

East Lake Academy offers smaller Pre-K classes than many other schools, which enables teachers to provide each student with the one on one attention and resources they require to succeed with their education from the earliest age possible. All teachers hired by the school are also highly qualified and experienced, meaning that they will be able to determine whether your child will require any form of additional assistance.

Because East Lake Academy is a private Catholic school, it means that students are not held to the same testing standards as those being imposed in public schools. It also provides faculty members with the ability to teach each student in a way that benefits them most.

Education Provided in Accordance with Christian Religious Beliefs

This is often one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding to send Pre-K children to private Catholic schools. After all, if your family practices the Catholic faith and prioritizes the education of Christian values; you will want to ensure that your child is exposed to these values on a daily basis while they are at school.

East Lake Academy provides a strong religious as well as academic education, ensuring your children are provided with all the tools, knowledge and information they need to thrive. In addition, a special bond exists between all students, faculty members and administrators, which in turn generates an atmosphere of genuine concern and care.


While not all public schools consist of uncontrollable students and faculty members who don’t seem to care, this has, unfortunately, become the norm. In several cases, this can result in your child falling prey to bullying, which results in them not wanting to attend school at all.

At East Lake Academy, how students treat each other is an essential part of the character formation of each student. Charitable behavior is modeled by the faculty and strategically encouraged in the students. The faculty and staff take advantage of every moment to teach and instill Christian morals and values.

East Lake Academy is able to cater for children ranging from Pre-K right through to and including 8th grade. If you are a parent who wants to ensure that you provide the best possible education for your child, a private tour of the school and its facilities can be scheduled while classes are in session. The school can be contacted by filling out the form on our website or by calling 847-247-0035 x204 during school hours.