8th Grade Spanish Luncheon

One of the most beloved 8th grade traditions is a springtime luncheon at Tacos El Norte in Libertyville. This month the students had the opportunity to use their Spanish in a real live way while enjoying a meal together.  Senora Barrera commented on the event, “It was such a joy for me to see the students communicating to each other in Spanish. They shared memories and stories about past experiences at East Lake, in Spanish, it was so heartwarming. They spoke only Spanish to the waiters and we all ate heartily.”  8th grader, Andrew Kowalski shared that he loved hanging out with his classmates, knowing that these experiences are now few and far between as graduation draws near. East Lake Academy offers Spanish instruction in the Communicative Approach, like no other, which begins at age 3. These 8th grade students have completed a high school Spanish 2 curriculum. For more information, visit for a tour.