Summer Learning for Preschoolers

Summer vacation from school has always existed, but back when the concept was conceived, it was to allow families to work together to raise animals and crops that would ultimately feed them through the winter months. These days, summer breaks give families opportunities to do things together, but it’s important that your kids never stop learning. Here are some reasons why your preschooler should be learning all the time.

It Hones Critical Thinking

In today’s high-tech world, critical thinking is a valuable skill and one that everyone needs to possess. Unfortunately, far too many kids spend much of their time behind a screen – an activity that requires very little critical thinking at all. Continuing to present your child with opportunities to learn all throughout the year helps them develop those skills more quickly. Not only will this serve your child will throughout his or her academic career, but he or she will also carry them well into adulthood.

It Prepares Kids for Traditional Classroom Settings

Another reason why it’s important to keep the learning going all summer with your preschooler has to do with preparing children for the more traditional school settings as he or she gets older. Even making the transition from half-day to full-day school is simpler and requires less adjustment when kids are used to learning experiences throughout each day. What’s more, when you take the time to encourage learning all summer, your child will feel excited to go to school, not only to learn new things, but to share his or her love of education with friends.

They Learn Valuable Communication Skills

Preschool and pre-K aged children often become frustrated relatively easily. They want to understand things, but it’s difficult for them, and when they aren’t sure why something works the way it does, they can easily get overwhelmed. Summer is the perfect opportunity for you to help your child learn to process through this frustration with proper communication. Using words like, “I feel frustrated” or “I don’t understand” can serve your child very well throughout the rest of his or her life.

It Helps them Retain More Information

Numerous studies have shown that kids who take “breaks” from learning – especially extended breaks – don’t retain as much information as kids who are exposed to a learning environment all year round. In order to help your child succeed each and every academic year, it is vital that you help your child continue to learn through the summer. If he or she was in preschool the previous school year, try to find ways to review the material that was covered and introduce the material he or she will see in the coming year. It relieves kids’ apprehension and better prepares them for any challenges they might face.

Summer learning is important for kids of all ages, and the same can be said for preschoolers. When you take the time to help incorporate learning experiences into your preschool child’s everyday life – even throughout the summer – he or she will be more prepared to face the challenges ahead. What’s more, it helps foster a love of learning that will ultimately help your child grow into a successful adult.