Teach Your Preschooler to Write

Many preschoolers are fascinated with learning how to write their names, but without the proper guidance, their efforts can be in vain. Fortunately, there are several fun tips and tricks that you can use to help your preschooler learn to write not only her name, but many other words, too. From providing the right supplies to setting a good example, your child will be writing neatly in no time.

Provide the Right Supplies

It’s important to remember that your preschooler does not yet have the capacity to write neatly in a small space due to a lack of hand-eye coordination that simply hasn’t developed. One of the best ways to get around this is to provide primary writing pads that have larger writing spaces and a series of lines to help guide little hands. Thicker pencils, colored pencils, and crayons fit better into small hands, too, so be sure to have some of these available.

Teaching Proper Ergonomics

By teaching your child posture and ergonomics now, your child will benefit from this throughout his or her school years. First things first, ensure that your child sits at a table that is the correct height – not too high that he or she must stretch, and not so low that he or she is hunched over. Next, show your child how to hold the pencil correctly to prevent cramps and injuries to the hands. Once these things have been mastered, you can move on to the next steps.

Set a Good Example

Setting a good example is vital for helping your preschooler learn to write. At this age, everything is a game of monkey-see, monkey-do, so be sure you’re doing it correctly, yourself. Start with your little one’s name, which is often the first thing he or she will want to write and instruct him or her on how to write the first letter. Creating a series of dots for your little one to follow with a pencil or crayon is also a good first step; this provides even more guidance.

Continue to do this with each letter of his or her name, then at the end of the “lesson”, put it all together. Don’t be discouraged if it takes some time for your child to get the hang of writing even the first letter, and don’t be alarmed if he or she seems to “forget” how to spell a simple word in a matter of a day or two. This is perfectly normal among preschoolers.

Now that you understand the basics associated with teaching your preschooler to write, it’s important that you and your child stick with it. Practice in short bursts a little each day or even every other day; consider your child’s attention span and ability to sit still, then use this to determine how and when – and for how long – to teach. Practice the same letter or two for a few days, and before moving on to the next, see if your child can remember how to write it from memory. Within a matter of weeks, your child will be writing his or her name and a myriad of other things.

Teaching your preschooler to write is not an impossible task, but it is important to remember that children learn differently and at different paces. You may need to gauge your child’s interest, attention span, and ability to create the best possible learning plan for your needs.