How to Get the Most Out of Snow Days This Winter

Snow Days

No matter how amazing your child’s teacher, and no matter how many friends he or she has at school, there’s a good chance that your child looks forward to snow days. An unexpected day off school can certainly put a damper on your plans, but with the following tips and tricks, it doesn’t have to.

Make a Snow Day Tradition

Traditions are best when they start at a young age and grow with your child, and snow days bring about the perfect opportunity for a new tradition, too. There are all kinds of things you can do. For example, some families have backward pajama days where they not only stay in their PJs for the entire day, but they also wear them backward. Other families make it a tradition to order pizza or Chinese food and spend the entire day reading a book or watching enriching TV programs.

Go Play Outside

Although it’s cold out there and it’ll likely get a little messy before it’s all said and done, don’t be afraid to bundle up, go outside, and play in the snow. Building a snowman can be a great deal of fun – especially if you get creative with objects you already have around the house. You can “dress” your snowman any way you choose, then follow up with a friendly snowball fight, snow angels, or some (safe) sledding. If you’re lucky enough to have a microscope in the house, don’t forget to spend some time checking out individual snowflakes. Your kids will be mesmerized by the beauty of each individual snowflake.

Cook Together

When the roads are snowy enough that school has been canceled, there’s a good chance that travel is treacherous and making that last-minute trip to the grocery store isn’t a very good idea. For this reason, using the first snow day of the year to prepare freezer or slow-cooker meals for future snow days as a family is a great idea. There are several amazing recipes that are easy enough for kids to help with, too. If you’re looking for ideas for foods that freeze well, you can’t go wrong with options like chili or chicken pot pie. The next time school is canceled, just pull one of these out of the freezer for that night’s meal. Be sure you make enough for several days’ worth of meals just in case.

Talk about Current Lessons

Just because your kids are out of school, that doesn’t mean they can’t learn. Though a snow day should be fun for kids and give them the opportunity to experience a little freedom, there’s no reason why you can’t ask about what they are learning in school. This helps them keep the information fresh in their minds, keeps you informed, and gives everyone the opportunity to have a family discussion about the topic at hand. Perhaps you could even do some further research together on the internet.

Snow days may be inconveniences to adults, and that’s especially true for parents who work outside the home. However, when the weather outside is frightful enough that the school buses stay in the garage, try to view it as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your child and make some lasting memories. In a few short years when they are all grown up, you will be glad you did.