Why Families Choose ELA

We asked some of our new families this year why they chose East Lake Academy and this is what they shared. For more information about our program or see us in action, call 847-247-0035 x204.

 “Our family chose East Lake Academy, first, because we wanted our family, our children as well as ourselves, to be part of a school and community for which the Catholic faith was the very heart and foundation of everything, and where we knew our children would experience the full and timeless truth and beauty of that faith without compromise with the spirit of the age and culture in which we live. Secondly, we wanted our children to experience the benefits of East Lake’s classically-based model of education, one in which they would learn real history, read the great works of literature and be taught to think critically and to view the world and their own choices with a broad and well-rounded understanding of the world and through an unapologetic Catholic lens. We are so grateful to be a part of the East Lake family and so excited about the coming year.” 

 “We chose East Lake Academy because we felt during our tour that the kids were loved and well nurtured. We also felt that there was a great combination of strong Catholic formation, great academics and building up of kids into confident leaders. We are really so thankful to see how happy and excited our boys are to come to school and learn in the first few weeks!”

 “We choose East Lake Academy because of the strong academic reputation and the focus on developing passionate Christian leaders. We look forward to meeting everyone and joining the ELA community!”

 “East Lake Academy has diversity and smaller class sizes. The community is more like a family than school. That is the direction we wanted to take.” 

 “We chose East Lake Academy for our 4 year old because we wanted to find a loving Christian environment where our son would also be given a great education.”

 “We chose East Lake primarily for its solid Catholic formation. Especially in today’s world, it’s so reassuring to know East Lake is helping us protect the innocence of our young children while also providing them with a strong foundation in their faith. We also love the accelerated academic achievements of the school. We are so confident in the well-rounded formation our children receive at East Lake Academy!” 

 “We chose East Lake Academy for the superior academics in a nurturing, faith-filled environment.” 

“We chose East Lake Academy for its authentic faith based learning and academic excellence. We love that our family has found a blossoming tight knit catholic community at East Lake! We are so blessed and comforted that our children are receiving the best education in the area!”  

 “Our family is delighted to join the East Lake Academy community!  We appreciate ELA’s academic rigor and excellence; in choosing a school for our children, this aspect was a given.  For us, ELA (including its leadership, staff and other parents) stood out above the rest because here, faith and character formation are prioritized.  First and foremost, we strive to raise good and kind human beings of faith, and so we chose ELA knowing the school would emphasize and reinforce our family’s values.”

 “Initially, we were drawn to ELA’s academic excellence.  During the tour, however, we embraced the character aspect of the school’s curriculum.  We are both extremely happy that our daughter is at ELA, and are confident that she will excel.” 

 “We chose East Lake Academy because of excellent academic program and the focus on character formation. We greatly appreciate the warm welcome we have received, and look so forward to getting to know all of the East Lake families!”  

 “We chose East Lake Academy for its authentic faith based learning and academic excellence. We love that our family has found a blossoming tight knit Catholic community at East Lake! We are so blessed and comforted that our children are receiving the best education in the area!”

“We chose ELA for many reasons, one of them to grow a strong  Catholic foundation , academic skills and the location very close to where we live.”

“We chose to send our daughter to East Lake Academy because we know she’ll get a great education and be immersed in a culture that lives the Gospel. East Lake is truly a family of faith and academia.”

“We returned to East Lake Academy because of the high academic standards; values-added education and safe school environment where teachers and staff live their faith on a daily basis.”
“We love bringing our children to ELA to imbue a solid foundation in our kids in the areas of morals, academics and spirituality. Both our girls benefited from this foundation!”

“We chose East Lake Academy, as we were looking for quality education that catered to the whole child – mind, body and soul.  We had a great start with Montessori education and we are looking forward to seeing our son excel in 4th grade at ELA!”

“We chose East Lake for the love, compassion, humility and focus on education that the school teaches to the young minds of tomorrow’s future.”

“We chose East Lake Academy because of what it offers…. the offer of a great education by teachers and staff with great personal, religious and ethical belief. Life is full of tough choices for a family but thankfully this was not one of them. It was the easiest and best decision we could have made. Thank you all for everything that you have done and continue to do for all of us at East Lake Academy. “

“Before our children started at East Lake Academy, we felt lost. Our children were spending seven plus hours a day, five days a week, in an environment that rewarded academic mediocrity and embraced cultural trends that ran counter to our Catholic values.   Upon driving up to the school for our tour with Mrs. Simutis, we felt apprehension. Upon leaving we felt only conviction that this was where our boys would flourish.  The teachers were passionate about teaching, making it clear this was not a job, rather a vocation.  The students were happy, hardworking and respectful, both in presentation and through their actions.  The administrators were passionate about staying true to Mr. Calk’s vision; supportive of all teachers and students.  East Lake Academy embodied our vision for our boys’ education.”

“The reason why we chose East Lake Academy is because we were looking for a school with a strong academic and spiritual foundation for our girls. In a confused world that we live today, we need more than ever strong leaders that understand the need to serve and teach others about the need for God. ELA provides that in conjunction with a strong academic support.   We are so proud to be part of ELA family!”