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12/11/2018 - List of Fun Dinosaur Activities Perfect for Pre-K Students

If your pre-K kiddo loves dinosaurs, he or she is certainly not alone. You probably already know that you can utilize your child’s love of a certain animal, food, character, or dinosaur to your advantage when it comes to education, too. Here, we’ve created a list of fun, exciting, and affordable activities especially for the dinosaur-obsessed families out there.

Exhibit at the Local Museum


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11/28/2018 - How to Get Your Young Child Interested in Sports vs Video Games

Technology has vastly improved, and access to the internet is everywhere. Because of this, today’s kids can play just about any game they can imagine online with just a few taps or clicks of a mouse. Though some screen time is not inherently bad, kids need exercise. Here, you’ll learn a few ways to get your kids to play sports out on the field rather than on a screen.

Emphasize Activity at H..

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11/21/2018 - How to Keep Your Child Engaged in Education Even After School

When it comes to keeping your kids interested in education, it can be difficult, to say the least. There are a few different strategies to keep in mind, though. Below, you’ll discover a few different ideas that you may not have considered before along with some tips for implementing them in your household.

Reconsider Your View of “Educational”

If your little girl is engaged in imaginative play, ..

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