Jonathan Eden ELA Class of 2010

Last summer, I had a great experience working on the Service Team at a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City, recently ranked one of the top 100 restaurants in the world. Over winter break, I will be externing with Starwood Hotels and Resorts. As for the summer of 2016, I have received several offers for internships, including jobs with a national restaurant group and a hospitality tech startup based in New York City. However, I haven’t made a final decision as I am still evaluating all of my options.

A great thing about Cornell is that it gives me the opportunity to meet people that come from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. Cornell offers students a large selection of majors and courses of study. In talking with students and professors, I find myself learning about new concepts and ideas on a daily basis. In particular, students at the School of Hotel Administration are very entrepreneurial in nature. I find that surrounding myself in an environment that values creativity and innovation pushes me to excel in all aspects of my life.

At Cornell, students are constantly pushed to achieve excellence both academically and professionally. Although this can feel overwhelming at times, I find that the education I received at East Lake Academy has provided me with the foundation I need to succeed. Students of East Lake Academy receive an education that emphasizes both academic and spiritual development, making the school a truly unique education experience. Upon graduation, I was equipped with the tools I needed to face the challenges of the world.

St. Ignatius Prep 2014
Cornell University ‘18

Major: Hotel Administration with a concentration in Hotel Development and Finance
Minor: Real Estate Development and Design/Environmental Analysis