Kevin Molloy ELA Class of 2012

My high school experience has been extraordinary, but the most exciting time for me is when I’m playing baseball for Carmel. I feel empowered when I am out on the baseball diamond. Playing for Carmel means I represent the school and what we believe we are all about. It has been extremely rewarding being able to play the game I love with the friends I can gladly call my brothers.

Mr. Stack’s note taking in History class and for homework really stuck with me throughout high school. It helped me prepare for the workload that high school had in store for me.

I plan on studying Child Psychology throughout my time at college. Working with kids has always been a passion of mine, and knowing that I can turn that into a career, makes it all worthwhile. Solving people’s problems seemed to be a special talent I’ve acquired over the years, and combining that with working with kids, makes this career seem perfect for me.

The colleges I’ve applied to include: University of Illinois, Illinois State University, Marquette, Butler, John Carroll University, and Augustana University. I applied to the University of Illinois because of its rigorous program of psychology, and also one of my best friends is already attending the school. Being able to attend college with my best friend would no doubt be an amazing experience that I wont ever forget.

What I’ll really miss about high school is the community it offers. Along with ELA, the Carmel community is extremely welcoming and caring. The bonds that my friends and I have formed are virtually unbreakable, and I have the Carmel community to thank for that.

I was fortunate enough to receive 2 awards my sophomore year for baseball. I was given the award for Most Valuable Player along with the Most Valuable Pitcher award. As always, my interests include baseball, basketball, golf, and working with kids. Sports always peaked my interest, as seen at ELA basketball games or even football games at recess.