Principal Update-Alumni News

It is incredibly edifying to see all that our former East Lake Students are now accomplishing out in the world! From high schools to colleges, our graduates are making names for themselves in all they do. This is evidenced here in the Alumni Highlights. Most Valuable Athletes on their teams, State Champions, Participants in the March of Life, Top Honor Students, Illinois State Scholars and so much more–I couldn’t be any prouder of what they are doing. At East Lake, our goal has always been ultimately to change the trajectory of our culture for the better. In order to accomplish this immense undertaking, our strategy has been to form our students to become the very best versions of themselves possible, always challenging them both in and out of the classroom to reach their fullest potential and, through it all, allowing Christ to shine through them to reach others. We constantly hope that if we do this well enough, the students we send forth into the world will indeed have a profound effect on everyone they come across, leading those around them closer to Christ. I believe that the stories we highlight here prove that our strategies are working. I pray for each and every one of our former students daily, as well as our current students and even future students too. It is my prayer that we can continue to provide that unique formation that has helped our nearly 50 former students thus far to many more students in the future. By maintaining our high standards of both academics and formation, may we continue our work of changing the trajectory of society for the better, one student at a time. May God continue to bless us and lead us on this journey together.

Mrs. Jennifer Patel