6th-8th Grades PADS Volunteer Opportunity for Students and Parents

Apostolic Opportunity – PADS Shelter Sign Up for 6th-8th Grades

The Apostolic Committe has secured a number of dates for our 6th-8th grade students to volunteer at a PADS shelter. PADS is an organization that provides food and shelter to homeless families in Lake County. The first date we will be volunteering is Saturday, December 10, 2016.  The students would be required to be present at the PADS location in downtown Libertyville, from 5:30pm – 8:30pm to set up and serve the guests.  There will be one-two East Lake staff members volunteering alongside our students at each volunteer date. The PADS coordinator requests only 6 student volunteers and 2-3 adult volunteers at each session and so we sill therefore need to accept volunteers on a first come, fist served basis. 

At this time, we are seeking student and parent volunteers to serve December 10, 2016. Please click on the attached documents for additional information and sign up forms.