Dear East Lake Families,
We had a very successful Open House on November 9th with many interested families touring the school!
Thank you to our teachers and students who make East Lake so amazing, and for graciously welcoming us into the classrooms.
A special thank you to our staff and parent volunteers who helped with set up, refreshments, and tours: Miss McCarthy, Mrs. Skalandis, Mrs. Herr, and Mr. & Mrs. Weaver.
Please keep the referrals coming! Thank you to Mrs. Herr, Mrs. Jincy Philip, Mr. Calk, and Mr. Carreira for referring friends to our Open House.
We are so grateful for your prayers and support.
In Christ,
Mrs. Handrich & Mrs. Echavez

Please read what perspective parents are saying about Eastlake:
Thank you so much for your time this morning to show us around East Lake. My husband and I were very impressed with the teachers and students we met, and with the academic and religious aspects of the school. We think it would be a great fit for Cora and our family, and we will definitely be in touch as we narrow down our decision. – Mr. & Mrs. T.

Thank you for the follow up to the enjoyable tour. We were very impressed by the staff and students. – Mr. & Mrs. S.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to visit East Lake Academy today during the open house. I really enjoyed learning about the school’s four-pillar approach to education and observing students and teachers in their classroom environments. I was extremely impressed by the kids’ knowledge, confidence and the respect they showed to us as visitors. I could see that the teachers had a lot of pride in and strong connection to their students. Overall, I got the sense of a strong familial and nurturing atmosphere. – Mr. L.











New this year in the middle school, we have instituted a Supervised Homework Period at the end of the school day from 2:25-2:55 pm.  During this period, students have the opportunity to start their homework assignments.  The middle school teachers are available to answer student questions at this time, as well as provide any needed help.  The middle school students are eager to get started on their assignments each day and use the time quite efficiently.  Parents have reacted very positively to this addition into the middle school schedule.  Having a chance to speak with your teachers and get help directly from those teachers when necessary has affected student teacher relationships as well as home life for families in a positive way.  In order to create this extra period, our school day was slightly extended.  Additionally, a few minutes were borrowed from each period of the day.  Overall, this new period of the day has been greatly appreciated by middle school students, families and teachers.  We are pleased that this change has produced such effective results.