Up To The Challenge

Our Third Grade’s first half of the year was highlighted by their enthusiastic, Egyptian interpretation at the Christmas Pageant. Not only did they know their parts, but their personalities shown through and they were all stars of the show. In Writing Composition, we learned the correct form for writing a letter. Before Christmas Break, each student chose someone whose day could be made better by getting a letter in the mail. Christmas was extra special for grandparents, family members, and in one case, a neighbor who lived alone. The lost art of a handwritten letter was found again, and had far-reaching, joyous effects.

Another highlight in 3rd Grade was the chance to become a real scientist. In our study of food chains students got to dissect owl pellets, and see the outcome of a food chain, firsthand. Each owl pellet had a treasure trove of bones that had to be charted to discover which animals had been consumed. It was a hoot!

In Social Studies, we’re going back in time to the Colonists in Jamestown. 3rd Graders enjoy learning about the daily life of the early settlers in America. We’re also reading The Cabin Faced West, which is in a similar time period. The courage and the resourcefulness of these early settlers is inspiring and fascinating.

In Math, we’ve perfected our multiplication, and are working hard to solidify our long division skills. Exponents are making an appearance this week. We are developing an ease with setting up word problems, which can be a stumbling block for many mathematicians. We love Math!

These 3rd Graders are up for every new challenge and enjoy learning each and every day.