Award Winning Math Team

The Math Team at East Lake Academy, Lake Forest, competed at the Regina Dominican Junior High Mathematics Competition on Saturday, November 19th.  Not only did the the students come in first place as a team, two individual students, came in first and second place individually.  Eight schools competed, totaling 74 students.   These are not the first math awards for East Lake Academy students. In the last three years, the math team has achieved 6 first honors and 3 second honors in the ICTM State Math Competition.  Also, in the 2016-2017 Catholic Math League Competition, a nationwide contest for Catholic middle and high schools, the team finished 8th in the country in Algebra, in the top 6% in this competition.   And finally, the Math team claims Carmel Catholic Champs taking first place for both 7th and 8th grades two years in a row in the team competition.  In 2016, the team swept first, second and third place in the individual awards for 7th grade; 8th grade took first and third place in the individual awards.  In the 2017, Carmel Catholic individual competition, they took first and second place for both 7th and 8th grades. The math program at East Lake sets its students up for success and includes middle school Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and an option to take Algebra II and high school Geometry. Competitions have proved to be a great way to increase confidence in math outside of the classroom and highlight the quality and depth of the curriculum and the hard work and dedication of the students.