Private School for Pre-K

Chicago Catholic Private Elementary School

For many families, private school makes sense for older children who need more academic challenge than public school alone can provide. What’s more, Catholic families often find that private school offers a more well-rounded approach to education that includes both religious and academic upbringing. There are also a few reasons why private school is a better alternative for younger children, including those in Libertyville, Lake Bluff, and Lake Forest entering pre-K.

More One-on-One Time

The pre-K years are some of the most formative years in a child’s life, and the more a teacher can focus on that child’s individual needs, the more that child is likely to succeed in the future. Small children often feel overwhelmed at school, and some may deal with some separation anxiety. When teachers can spend more one-on-one time with each child, they can develop a trusting relationship, which can ease that anxiety and, in turn, ease the transition into the school-age years.

More Involvement from Parents

When it comes to private school, there is a higher expectation that parents will become involved in not only their children’s education, but also the overall success of the school. Parental involvement in things like extracurricular activities, fundraising, open houses, and even field trips is far higher in a private school setting, and this is even truer when it comes to pre-K children. The more chaperones for events, the better, and the small children truly enjoy it when their parents spend time with them at school.

In-Depth Curriculum

Public schools are held to testing standards, which means that teachers often spend most of their time teaching kids how to pass these standardized tests rather than skills and knowledge that can truly benefit them. Because private schools aren’t held to these standards, teachers can “go with the flow”, even from a young age. Curricula can be adjusted as necessary to suit children’s needs, and even in pre-K, it is possible for teachers to teach very young children outside of the box.

A Balanced Life

Most of the kids in public schools will go to school in the morning, then come home in the afternoon. These two aspects of their lives are completely separate, which may lead to social and academic troubles. Private school settings help balance a child’s life by incorporating not only academics during school hours, but also extracurricular activities and sports during the after-school hours and on weekends. This can help boost kids’ confidence, even at very young ages, and it helps them remain more engaged with their peers.

Religious Education

Finally, and perhaps the best reason why you might consider private school for your pre-K child in Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, or Libertyville, a private school can offer religious upbringing as well as academics, helping your child learn and grow spiritually, as well. Public schools simply cannot provide religious instruction and worship due to federal and state laws, but these laws do not apply to Catholic private schools. If you are interested in combining your child’s academia with religious instruction, a private school is the way to go.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you might want to consider a private school setting, even for a young child going into pre-K. If you live in the Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, or Libertyville area and you are considering private school for your little one, contact East Lake Academy to schedule a facility tour and learn more about the admissions process.