ELA Celebrates Milestone Year

Who would have thought that by 2017, the first East Lake Academy graduating class would be in their senior year of college? In this monumental year we celebrate our graduates, their families and a time-tested curriculum with proven results.  Graduates from East Lake Academy consistently attend high schools of their choice and go on to top universities like Notre Dame, Northwestern, Georgetown, Cornell, Marquette, Catholic University of America and the list goes on.  These graduates go out into the world with the very best academic and career choices.  As self-confident leaders of character and good conscience, they both lead in life and serve others.  Each of us wants to see our children grow to become leaders, to be truly good people who combine virtue with success in a way that contributes positively to our society.  We all hope to see our children excel academically.  And as Catholics, we strive for our children to grow up with a deep understanding of the traditions and values embodied in our faith. In 2001, these desires were in the minds of a handful of families, who pooled their personal resources to start East Lake Academy, a private Catholic academy in Lake Forest, with 13 children.  Created in East Lake Academy is a school passionate in seeking out the best in each student.  Because each person is endowed by God with a unique combination of special gifts and talents, we operate on a one-on-one basis.  Only by gaining an in depth knowledge of each child can we help him or her become a person who makes a difference in the lives of others.  Working closely with parents, it is our goal that each child becomes an active, positive force in his or her home, parish, community and world. As an independent Catholic Academy with canonical approval by the Archdiocese of Chicago, East Lake values self-governance and the privilege to pursue its own vision and high standards of excellence.  Not only is our first graduating class excelling due to their carrying out of this vision, our current students continue to thrive through the further enhancement and growth of our curriculum.  The result, East Lake Academy tests in the 90th percentile nationally for more than 10 years straight on the Stanford Achievement Test. Our dedication to one-on-one, very personalized education for each is our passion.  The contribution of our graduates to society is our legacy.  Celebrating the accomplishments of our graduates this year we invite you to take a closer look at an authentic Catholic Education of which anyone can benefit.