5 Amazing Books for Pre-K

Virtually every parent knows how important it is to read to their Pre-K and Pre-School kids regularly. However, when it comes to choosing age- and subject-appropriate books, many parents find themselves feeling overwhelmed at the sheer selection of reading material that is available. Below are five of the most popular books available for kids in these age ranges.

1. Last Stop on Market Street

Noted for being a New York Times Book Review Notable Children’s Book of 2015, this book features several modern-day scenarios between the main character, CJ, and his grandmother.

After church, CJ and his grandmother take the bus through town, but there are times when he wonders why she doesn’t own a car like some of his friends’ parents or why he isn’t able to have fancy gadgets like so many other kids have.

Every question or concern CJ has is answered in an encouraging manner by his grandmother, who also finds ways to encourage him and help him appreciate the things they do have.

2. Go Away Big Green Monster

Winner of the Caldecott Award, this book is especially appealing to Pre-K and Pre-School kids because the topic of monsters often arises, especially just before bedtime.

The first half of the book depicts a monster appearing – first, it’s just the eyes, but within a few pages, it becomes fully visible. The second portion of the book sees the narrator telling the monster they aren’t afraid anymore, which sees the monster disappearing in the same way it arrived. This is an excellent Pre-K or Pre-School read for teaching kids how to face their fears.

3. Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb

This book’s bright and cheery illustrations, as well as its rhyming text and cute dancing monkeys, make it an ideal read-along for parents of Pre-K and Pre-School kids.

Not only does this book teach younger children the aspect of rhythm; it also encourages them to develop a love for language and rhyme from an early age. It’s not often that a book for younger children can be labeled as pure fun!

4. When Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really Angry

Another Caldecott Honor winner, this book provides an ideal way to teach younger children how to handle their anger and other feelings as respectfully as possible.

The main character, Sophie, has a sister who demands to play with her favorite toy, which results in Sophie running off to her special, quiet place to calm down. Afterwards, she re-enters the living room and sees that her toy is once again available to play with.

Illustrations are created in red, orange, yellow, green and blue to depict the level of Sophie’s anger and calmness.

5. A is for Angry: An Animal and Adjective Alphabet

This book is ideal for younger children because it not only helps teach the alphabet; it teaches an extensive range of adjectives that will help expand your Pre-School child’s vocabulary from an early age.

The text is accompanied by hilarious illustrations that make connections between words and their meanings, which is what sets it well apart from other available alphabet books.

If you aren’t able to purchase these books outright, it is often possible to obtain them from your local library.